Job Interview Tips To Get Your Dream Job Today

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To get hired for a job, you need to appear as a mirror image of the suitable candidate that the employee has in mind. With your resume, your words and your body language, you need to convince the interviewer that he should hire you.

Here are some excellent tips for job interviews that will help you to get your dream job.

Let your resume do half of your job

Your resume should be a virtual candidate that talks on behalf of you should tell the employer why they need you and create a good impression about you in general.

One of the keys in getting the job you want is to learn the art of writing resume. Make sure you follow the right format and let your resume explain your professional history clearly. Be honest, do not exaggerate and be prepared to talk about anything that you have written on your resume.

When you are confident, you are right!

You know very well that when you are right, you are confident! But it is also true that when you are confident, you are right. Surprised?

I do not mean to say that you have to give a wrong answer confidently. But when an interviewer gives a quick glance at your resume and requests 'why should I hire you?' with a frown, what would you say? There is no right or wrong answer to the question. The interviewer just wants to see if you are self- confident. And when you are confident, you are right as well!

Confidence in your looks, your tone and your body language conveys strongly that you can fulfill the responsibilities of the job.

Take control of the conversation

Most of the times, the next question your interviewer will ask you depends on the last few statements that you have said. Ever noticed that in your previous interviews?

Always talk about things that you know. That will divert the interviewer's attention to the things that you know about. He will start inquiring more about it.

Make sure you control what is talked about. Do not be silent for a long time which lets the interviewer to fish inside his brain for questions about other topics that you may not know about.

Have some manners and appear clean

This covers everything that includes good dress code, punctuality and good body language. Looking at somewhere else when your interviewer is talking, looking at your wrist watch once in every 5 minutes, biting your nails, moving your hands or legs unnecessarily, picking your nose, playing drums on the table, saying something sarcastic or making fun of the interviewer etc are few of the things that gives a bad impression about you or frustrates your interviewer.

Being on time, dressing neatly, greeting the interviewer with smile, listening carefully with eye contact when the interviewer is speaking etc are some of the things that give good impression about you.

The things that are mentioned above are the ones which will help you during the interview. But there are things that you must do before and after the interview, which are preparation and follow up respectively.


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