Nokia 7360 – A Sophisticated Mobile Phone From Brand Nokia

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Nokia 7360 is a mobile phone from the L'Amour collection from Nokia. All the mobile phones from this collection sport unique designs that reflect certain ethnic and cultural influences. The external craftsmanship is as much important as the inherent innovative functionalities. Mobile phones from the L'Amour collection come with unique color patterns and textures and are sure to attract attention when they are used in public. Nokia 7360, Nokia 7370 and the Nokia 7380 are three mobile phones from the L'Amour collection.

Nokia 7360 comes in a compact and stylish candy bar design. The handset comes in four colors that are powder pink, black chrome, warm amber and coffee brown and users can select any one of the specific models depending on their particular tastes and preferences. A tactile leather effect and surface metallic finish add that extra sophistication to the Nokia 7360. Mobile phone users can easily flaunt this mobile phone and make an impression among friends, collections and peers.

Nokia 7360 is not all looks though. The sleek looks blends perfectly with the innovative capabilities of the Nokia 7360. The handset comes with an integrated VGA camera, FM stereo radio options, and advanced messaging services, which make it all the more valuable to users. An owner of the Nokia 7360 can also personalize the handset using its choice of MIDI polyphonic ringtones; users have the option of downloading the latest and the best in Java games and spending some quality leisure time as and when they feel the need to do so.

And the best part about the Nokia 7360 mobile phone is that it is easy to use. The keypad comes with a 5-way joystick that makes navigating through the menu of the handset a hassle free experience. Users can use the sophisticated functionalities of the Nokia 7360 for high speed internet access as well as for sending and receiving of emails. Bluetooth compatibility allows users to share their data with other compatible gadgets.

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