Number Plate Games Using The Letters

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Then traveling we are always trying to work out new ways of having fun in the car. Traveling with a family for a number of hours in a confined space can provide opportunities that do not come about at other times. Keeping minds active, rather than the bodies, tend to make for a more relaxing journey. One series of games that have been modified by families to suit different ages and abilities are the number plate games. There are many variations, however they require firstly to identify the plate and then to make something of either the number or letter combinations.

Most countries have number plates with between five and seven characters. The combination of letters and numbers variants of course, but one just adapts the strategies to suit the country that one is in.

Number Plate Letter Games

1. Word Generation

When there are two or more letters in the plate, each person in the car creates a word with those letters in it. The rules simply need to be agreed to first, such as, Does the first letter have to be the first letter of the word? And Do the letters in the word have to be in the order that they are displayed? Or make it more difficult, with the letters being in reverse order in the word. The winner is the person with the longest word.

2. Song Generation

The first letter of the number plate is the first letter of the first word of the title of a song or a more difficult option is to have each letter part of the song title. Some play this game by one person thinking of the song and then humming the melody while the others try to guess what it is.

3. Place Name Game

Each person thinks of a country or city or town that starts with the first letter of the plate (or the second or the third, etc.) There needs to be a time limit on this one, and each person that thinks of a place gets a point. The winner is the first to, say 10 points (Choose the winning points depending on the length of the journey)

The most important preparation for games in moving vehicles is to agree on the rules prior to starting and if possible nominating a referee to assist on the game. Neverheless let your imagination go and invent new games. You will be surprised how easy it really is, once you try.

These games do provide much fun when there are cars around, but there are times on lonely stretches of road that other pass-times are required.

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